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We are the first eBIll Network Partner in Switzerland

Connect your business to the eBill infrastructure and
offer eBill invoices to your customers

eBill, provided by SIX, is a service where the infrastructure for managing eBill transactions within online banking is overseen by SIX on behalf of Swiss banks. As official network partner, Billte offers a seamless connection to eBill for organisations, including corporations, SMEs, and public administration bodies. This enables them to efficiently send eBills to customers and promptly receive payments.

Here are a few advantages of transitioning to eBill for billers:

Connect to eBill with Billte

With Billte’s flexible solution you will be able to get a hassle free onboarding to eBill. Our APIs are flexible enough to adapt to any system landscape, removing the need to invest into technical changes of your infrastructure. We transform any given invoice format into eBill and provide automatic reporting whenever you need it.

Streamlined Onboarding

Billte offers professional and streamlined onboarding to the eBill infrastructure. Billte will support oyu in the process and reduce your efforts to a minimum.

Simple Integration

With Billte's flexible API solution you can integrate eBill to whichever invoicing system you are currently using without making changes to the current system. If you are not using an invoicing system, Billte can offer you one.

No Hidden Fees

Transparency is important to us. With Billte you will not run into any hidden registration fees. Our price is transparent and you will know in advance what you will pay for our services. Please contact us for more information.

Convert Any Invoice​

With Billte you will be able to convert any invoice format into eBill and pass it on to your clients. This is regardless of what format you currently send invoices in. Billte supports all file formats.

Automatic Reporting

We have automated the invoice status reporting. You can get reports at any time in the format you need and for the timeframe you need.

Enrich eBill with other channels

The main concern when switching to eBill is that you lose the contact with your customer. With Billte you can enrich your eBills with other channels like SMS, email etc.

Billte is a Certified Network Partner of eBill

We are the first network partner of eBill. As a network partner we can help your company easily onboard to the eBill infrastructure and start sending invoices to your clients via eBill.

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